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Proposal from Asociación de la Gente Unida por el Agua (AGUA) to Agape Foundation

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The Foundation Center said

at 12:21 pm on Oct 6, 2008

Comments from Karen Topakian, Executive Director, Agape Foundation from The Grantseeker's Guide to Winning Proposals:
We thought the answers to the following three questions were particularly cogent: the explanation of how AGUA fits our funding priorities, the description of the need for the funds, and the description of their strategy. They clearly articulated why the issue of safe drinking water is critical in their community. The components of the proposal were well balanced. The writer had a gift for brevity and conciseness. They told us enough to assure us that they understood the problem, had developed a solution, and were the right people to undertake it. Furthermore, the statement of need was one of the best I have seen: clear, concise, and gripping. Since the organization had just formed, they did not have very much budgetary information to provide. While the writing style did not include any jargon, it still painted a vivid picture of a serious health and environmental problem.

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